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Always Be Connecting

August 16, 2020 Günter Richter / Mark Colgan Season 1 Episode 20
The Agile Career Podcast
Always Be Connecting
Show Notes

In this episode, I am joined by Mark Colgan. After completing his business studies at university, Mark aspired to a job in the marketing industry but finding no suitable roles, he began working as a recruiter. Mark talks about the transferable skills that he developed and how working as a recruiter allowed him to spot a new role that was emerging, that of a digital marketer. He shares how he then changed direction in his career and moved into the digital marketing space. Mark also talks about a moment of realisation whilst travelling South America that led him to develop his career and bring him to a point where he has simultaneous roles helping both organisations and individuals. 

Key Takeaways

  • When at school and university, in many instances we are learning for job or roles that don't yet exist
  • Wanting to take on more responsibility is a good way to help grow your career
  • There is immense value in having a part-time job whilst studying
  • Knowing the theory of how to do something is important and equally important is having the confidence that you can do it
  • Doing work for friends and family is a great way to practise your skills and build a portfolio
  • Create a vision for potential employers by asking the question "Imagine what I could do for you?"
  • Combining your strengths and skills to find your niche is a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Work hard to spot in-demand skills. Research what similar type roles might be like in ten years
  • Keep developing your skills and be comfortable with the unknown
  • When presented with opportunities, instead of asking why, ask why not?
  • Always be connecting and give freely
  • Build an ecosystem of value and find an audience or industry that you can serve
  • Speak to people, actively listen, and connect people

Resources Mentioned
We spoke about the following resources:

Recommended Reading
Mark recommends reading What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis.

Connecting With Mark
Listeners can learn more about Mark and connect with him by vising his website or LinkedIn page.

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